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France, at the heart of Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean to the South, is considered as the natural gateway to Europe. It is an educational and cultural hub for students from across the globe and is perfect for a students' life. It is also a very safe place for young people. It is not very big, but is very pretty. Studying in France will be an enriching experience for the students with its extensive macro-environment. Universities in France provide top class education with good opportunities for students to conduct research in modern facilities and offer a wide range of study subjects. Paris, the French capital, was declared the best student city for its academic resources and bustling nightlife beating out London, Singapore, Sydney, Zurich, Boston and many others. The country has more than 200 engineering schools and 220 business schools, including the extremely prestigious grandes écoles. The close proximity of France to other European destinations provides students an excellent opportunity to explore a number of European countries in addition to France. For those seeking a top-rate education in a vibrant and cultured setting, France offers the ultimate joie de vivre. Furthermore, Students with French degrees have a leading edge in the job market as a result of the partnerships between top companies and French higher education institutions.

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