Delta Conultants Services team is extremely proud to help the aspiring students in settling in their destination country through our post landing services. We are there for you to make you feel settled to the new environment and manage in the new atmosphere. Delta Conultants Services offers integrated services for the pre- flight and post- landing consultation and would be of great help for you in your overseas education. We ensure in helping you to handle the settlement process by our expert service. This helps you in adapting to the new environment. We will be given the guidance even while you are in your native country so that you can settle into your destination country at the earliest. We will also guide you to choose required educational qualifications and professional skills that are essential in your destination country. Orientation classes will also be conducted that will help you in gaining knowledge in the social norms and cultural etiquettes of the destination country. With this, you will be able to understand the operations of various sectors like banking, life insurance, education, health services, travel services, etc. in your desired country that you wish to land. We will also pick you up from the airport and provide temporary lodging facility till you settle in the new environment. We can also extend our help in getting the license, bank account, credit card and other government cards. We offer you all related services that make you feel relaxed and comfortable at your new destination country.

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