Students who wish to study overseas rely on study abroad scholarships because they help them to find out best institutions across the globe and in affordable price Derek Bok, the former president of Harvard University once observed ‘If you think investing in education is expensive, try ignorance’, this statement implies that it is necessary to invest in education for a long term. Though students find it difficult to gain quality education in today’s extremely competitive world. As a result Universities, Corporations and Governments helping a group of the population who can access the quality education and are rich. And also investing significantly to provide better opportunities to the less affluent in the form of scholarships

The five types overseas study scholarships are:

1. Based on Merit:
Scholarship based on merit is awarded to the students who stand out with the top grade in a stream, be it academic, athletic, artistic or other extracurricular performance of students. And when this system came, instead of students competing to get into the best colleges, colleges started to compete to get the best students.
2. Based on need:
Scholarship based on need is for the students who need financial assistance. This helps students to access their dream of studying in overseas even if they are less affluent. Financial condition of a student will also be considered while awarding this scholarship because this scholarship only offer partial or discount offer on tuition fees, living costs and other associated costs
3. Based on career specification:
For students who choose a career oriented study can avail this scholarship, this category helps them to find colleges that give importance to the career perspective of study. The universities under this section mainly conduct various talent pool programs which will help students to achieve their dream job.
4. Based on college:
The educational institution also has competencies and so some institution provides scholarships to enhance their reputation. This is strictly based on the performance of students in academic, extracurricular activities and achievements of the student. Thus it is very competitive to avail. This type of scholarships mainly gives a reduction in tuition fees.

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