VISA Process

The visa and its processing are the most pivotal elements that determine the feasibility of overseas education. This is a tedious process mandating expert advice for ensuring hassle-free administration. Delta Conultants Services maintain sturdy ties with the Embassies and High Commissions of significant players offering education for foreign students. Our overseas academic consultants ensure accurate and timely information critical for pursuing higher education in selected foreign nations. Our experts can guide and support you through the complicated procedures embedded in your visa application. We strive to facilitate unmatched services while preparing your visa application. We assure that all the areas are covered while preparing your applications. The monetary and documentation aspects will be thoroughly cross-checked for ensuring mistake free visa application. Delta Conultants Services will ensure that the prerequisites in the visa application are met before processing them to the concerned authorities. We will also provide additional support for the interviews necessary in the respective Embassy or High Commission. We will bring in our collective experience in visa processing to ensure that your visa application is simplified and is in the right direction. Delta Conultants Services will support you with a checklist of things to consider while preparing for the concerned interviews. Our experts will assist you in dealing with the issues that may arise in the visa application. Our consultants will verify your application beforehand to mitigate human errors. The UK visa mandates a 40 point qualifying grade in a Tier 4 point oriented evaluation scheme. Our professionals will assist you through your UK visa processing with minimal time constraints. The foreign enrolments in the American Universities are through F-1 academic visa schemes. This scheme mandates that the student possesses an I-20 form which validates their acceptance in the respective university. To complete the application, the student must renew their SEVIS and visa payments before booking an appointment. The Canadian visas for students are through Study Permit which demands documents like passport, fee receipts, financial documents, medical reports, photographs, experience certificates, academic documents, university correspondence letter and scholarship details alongside an acceptance letter. We also provide assistance in your Australian visa applications. The Australian visa has diverse categorizations depending on the kind of academic courses you are enrolling into. This visa also demands the students to apply least three months before initiating orientation in particular universities. Our consultants will support you through the formalities and documentation associated visa application processing. Contact us for further details and proceedings.

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